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New book on Red House art

A Musical Eye: the visual world of Britten and Pears

Cover of A Musical Eye: the Visual World of Britten and Pears Anyone who has visited The Red House will have been struck by the range and quality of art collected by Benjamin Britten and, in particular, by Peter Pears. A new, limited-edition book from Artists’ Choice Editions features more than 200 works from this collection and also considers more widely the importance of art and design in their lives and work.

A Musical Eye: The Visual World of Britten and Pears is edited by former BPF Curator Judith LeGrove, who also explains how the collection evolved and provides a checklist of key works. Colin Matthews, who worked with Britten and is now BPF’s Director of Music, provides an introduction, while the current Curator at The Red House, Caroline Harding, uses correspondence in the BPF archive to explore the patronage by Britten and Pears of a wide range of artists.

Julian Potter writes on the friendship between his mother, the artist Mary Potter, and Britten. Broadening the scope of the visual arts, architectural historian Alan Powers considers the buildings commissioned or modified by Britten and Pears. There are also chapters on: Britten and Bloomsbury; Britten’s work for film; Sidney Nolan’s artistic responses to Britten’s music; and the designs for Britten’s stage works, most notably by John Piper.

For a prospectus, contact Artist Choice Editions at choicebooks@carolmanheim.co.uk or on +44 (0)208 994 9740.